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Is wedding photography getting the necessary budget allocation ?

Weddings are a special event in a couples’ life as it is not only 2 people that join in holy matrimony but also multiple families. A wedding is an event that involves a lot of planning effort and money. A good wedding photography team not only captures pictures but moments. The moments that make your wedding special for the couple and their loved ones. The usual expenditure on photography by a middle or upper middleclass family is approximately 3-4% of the total money spent on the wedding. For many, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event. A whirlwind of emotions captured in fleeting moments captured in laughter, tears, and joyful celebration. Wedding photography serves as a permanent record of this special day, a physical way to relive the magic years down the line. However, the question of how much to allocate towards capturing these memories sparks debate. Is wedding photography, often commanding a significant chunk of the budget, getting the financial prioritization it deserves.

A few points to keep in mind before spending on wedding photography:

Investment in Memories: The primary objective of hiring a wedding photographer is to capture the moments of your wedding day that makes it special. These pictures are kept as cherished keepsakes by the couple to relive their wedding day. Unlike the wedding event, the feast and other rituals, wedding pictures allow you to relive the day again. Wedding pictures act as a visual narrative to be revisited by generations to come.

A Valuable Skill: A wedding photographer is more than just a person who can take pictures. A wedding photographer is an artist, somebody who can capture your wedding more beautifully than you envisioned it. They possess the necessary skills to handle a large group of people, to capture pictures under challenging light conditions and to capture a couple’s love through a series of pictures.

Lasting impact:  A wedding in India is an elaborate event including other events such as Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeeth and other beautiful events. Such events include high expenditure in decorations, clothing, food and other items that make the wedding day into a grand celebration worth remembering. But a wedding is something that should be relived and cherished, not remembered. A high expenditure on decorations, jewellery, clothing, food, would be squandered away without capturing the moments to be relived by the couple and their future generations. The pictures captured remain the only way to cherish your wedding day such as a portrait session to capture the beautiful jewellery worn by the bride and the beautiful suit or sherwani worn by the groom. It is important to capture the guests that join the couple on their wedding day to cherish their special moment together.

Beyond the traditional percentage allocation, a shift in perspective might be more beneficial. Instead of viewing wedding photography as just another line item on the budget, consider it an investment in a visual legacy, a physical representation of a love story and a wedding day that will be cherished by generations to come.  We recommend allocating at least 8-10% of your overall budget on wedding photography.


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